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By submitting our names and personal information herein, we HEREBY commit ourselves to the establishment of a ONE World Government and a NEW Constitution and its order of law. This NEW Constitution shall establish law that provides each and every human being living upon our Earth with the basic necessities of life (i.e., nutritious food and clean water, secure housing, basic clothing, health and mental care, and education), free of any debt or charge, from the moment of our birth to the moment of our death.


1814 Signatures

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When a person registers to vote anywhere in the world, that person is allowing government officials to know and track their presence. THumP® expects those who are committed to its purpose (establish a New World Order under a One World Government) to show the same courage and resolve as one does when one registers to vote under one's current government. Therefore, Signers ARE REQUIRED to provide their FULL NAME, their legal COMPLETE ADDRESS, their PHONE NUMBER, and their EMAIL ADDRESS. If one chooses not to provide these things, then that one CANNOT properly support THumP®'s purpose; and that one should not sign THumP® Book of Life®, and that one will not be allowed to register with THumP®. Registering with THumP® is for the courageous who are willing to stand up for a better world. None of us needs to hide. Furthermore, THumP® denies and is not responsible for the misuse of the information provided in its Book of Life®. The information is copyrighted and cannot be used by any Third Party, for any reason. THumP® will NOT use any of the personal information provided in THumP® Book of Life® for ANY SOLICITATION OF ANY KIND.

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