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Declaration of Reform


Two hundred and thirty years ago (dating to 2006), a group of humans was determined to establish a sovereign nation and institute their own laws based on their personal wants and needs. Without regard for the native inhabitants, they immigrated to a new land, overran it, and called it their own. Secure in their newly found territory, they made a declaration of independence from the government powers and laws that controlled their lives. In so doing, they established the most powerful and comprehensive human society ever known upon this earth. Its economic structure and purpose drastically changed the course of human events, creating a world that revolves around its own perpetuation. This nascent nation’s powerful presence affects the present course and future of all humanity. If it fails, the world will crumble around it. Consequently, only the people who perpetuate it and give it its power and authority can keep it from failing.

Accepting this fact, and that this nation is increasingly failing to bring the peace and happiness once promised, the people of this earth are uniting together to reinforce its foundation before its walls crumble to the earth on which it sits.

By using this nation’s first Declaration of Independence, and changing a few words to reflect the current needs of its people, we present the solid foundation of a worldwide effort to eliminate what could potentially be the demise of the human race.

(Any alterations made to the original Declaration of Independence are marked in italic denotation.)

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