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When Italy's Migrants Move In

Italy is implementing, to a small extent, a humane program proposed by THumP® (so it appears humane on the outside) .  The Italian government is paying a small stipend to people who take in and help immigrants.  However, without the immigrants having power to pay for the goods and services they consume, they will soon become Italy’s slave class of workers, doing jobs that Italians do not want to do.  It’s a boom for the Italian economy in that workers will be paid less for doing more than what is already done, thus increasing Italy’s GNP.  Why travel across the sea to kidnap slaves, when you can open your borders to them and they’ll gladly come to you. ONLY THumP®’s proposal of placing the funds in the hand of the weak and impoverished will eliminate slavery.  It’s sad that such a seemingly humane act can be used inhumanely. THumP® is the solution.

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