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Warren Buffett: This is my ‘absolute favorite thing’ about Berkshire’s annual meeting

Warren Buffett: This is my ‘absolute favorite thing’ about Berkshire’s annual meeting


Warren Buffet is of the worst hypocrites.  He pretends to want to do whatever he can to help the 99% gain financial equality with the 1%.  Yet he allows his company[ies] to flourish and continue to gain wealth status quo.

Is the world ready for what MUST occur in order to bring fairness and equality to the people of Earth in how the money game is played? 


Regardless, the Humanity Party® will offer the solutions.

The Stock Market cannot be allowed to exist.  It must become illegal for a person to enrich him or herself without providing goods and services that benefit others.  Wealth without work must end.

If analyzed properly, the Stock Market is nothing more or less than the way that people who do not want to work gain wealth from those who are FORCED to work.  

The Stock Market even allows … are you ready for this … for one to gain wealth on the failure of others.  This is called the “Short Sale Stocks.”  One invests money into the hope that a company will fail; hoping that all the people who work for that company are put out of work, enriching the investor who does nothing more than speculates and invests in the misery of others.

The Stock Market is out of control.  Poverty cannot be stopped if the Stock Market is allowed to exist the way that it has. 

in the future, the Humanity Party® will clearly explain how the introduction of the Stock Market increased and supported poverty, enriching the few in spite of what it does to the majority.  And how it will continue to if it is allowed to continue to exist.

With THumP®’s proposed new Constitution, the Congress of the people, for the people, and by the people will have the power to get rid of the Stock Market without hurting those who have their life savings and retirement funds tied to it.

THumP® has the solutions.

(Source: Yahoo!)

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