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The Humanity Party®'s Proclamation

The HUMANITY PARTY® proclaims,

That the only way that peace on Earth can be accomplished, or ever will be, is if the people of Earth unite and demand liberty and justice for all humans equally and equitably, according to each person’s individual pursuit of happiness.  United we stand, divided we fall.  There is no other way.

The most pressing matter in the fight for justice and equity is ending poverty.

THumP® defines poverty as the lack of access to nutritious food, to clean water, to adequate and safe housing, to appropriate clothing for the climate in which a person lives, to health and mental care, and to good education.  THumP® defines these goods and services as the Five Basic Necessities of Life (FBNL).  People who lack the FBNL on a daily basis live in poverty.

Poverty is caused by the lack of disposable income (money) to pay for the FBNL.  Money is the means of value and exchange used by people who provide the goods and services that define poverty.  Governments control money.  People control governments.  Therefore, people are directly responsible for the existence of poverty.  And if people are directly responsible for creating poverty, then people can abolish it.  

Poverty can be solved by implementing government oversight and regulation of money.  Enough money can be created and offered upon the free market to those who are willing to provide the goods and services that will end poverty.

However, government bureaucracies have never worked to properly administer to the needs of the people by bypassing the people’s input on the goods and services that they need.  The people know what their needs are better than the few people who have power over their lives in government.  The people can be given the purchasing power to choose which goods and services they desire for their FBNL from the free market economic systems that are prevalent throughout our world.

If given the money directly, most people cannot be trusted to give it to the goods and service providers, as there are many other things that are not part of the FBNL that entice the consumerism of human nature.  The people should be able to choose the provider based on their needs and the quality of goods and services offered.  Once the people have made their choice of provider, the government can then ensure that the providers are properly paid. This can be easily accomplished through a type of benefit debit card that has no set limit, except for defining its purchasing power and for the repayment of the purchase cost of the goods and services paid directly to the provider.  The free market, as it has evolved in our world, and through the competition and pursuit of greed that exists therein, will create quality goods and services.

When more money is made available to impoverished areas throughout the world, the local economy grows exponentially to the needs of the goods and service providers to hire new employees to help them meet the new demand: a win-win economic situation for all.

The details and specifics of how a government implements this social program can be established by a Congress of representatives bound to the law of a Constitution.  Therefore, the Constitution must outline the basic human right to the FBNL.

Although globalization is inevitable and desired for peace on Earth, in an effort to begin the elimination of poverty, THumP® is concentrating its efforts primarily in the United States of America.  The group of humans separated as the citizens of the United States of America wields more influence, power, and control over world events, both socially and economically, than any other group of humans that has ever existed on Earth.  The influence and control of the United States is unprecedented.

It is fair and just to proclaim that without the United States’ protection, and its intervention in past and current foreign matters, which include the despotic efforts by a few to rule the many, the world would have developed much differently than it has.  But this development has exacerbated and increased poverty.

Just as important, the United States has caused, causes, and will continue to cause negative effects (economically, socially, and environmentally) on the world, if its power and control is left unchecked and controlled by the few in spite of the current needs of the many.

The Humanity Party® (THumP®) exists to do whatever is humanly possible to establish peace and equal and equitable liberty and justice for all humans upon Earth.

To this end, THumP® has decided to dedicate the next four years in making a FINAL attempt to incorporate THumP®’s desire, platform, and ideals into the United States’ political system through its current election process.  Whereas THumP® failed to inspire the people of the United States to consider its proposals during the election of 2016, it will make its final attempt leading up to and during the 2020 election.

A possible reason for its rejection could be attributed to THumP®’s attempt to unite with a few unrealistic and anarchist groups aligned with social reform, (i.e, “Anonymous,” “Occupy Wall Street,” etc.). These anarchist groups refused to unite with those among them who argued for and had the correct proposals that would work for social change through law and order.  These groups work subversively in opposition to just and equal human interests.  THumP® does not believe that any person, or group of people, should be targeted with violence or threats of any kind.  We believe that working together and taking each person’s individual interests and opinions into consideration, we can implement the right solution for all humans.  We cannot sue for peace through tyranny and anarchy.  Peace will never be accomplished in division.

The Humanity Party® does not solicit nor accept monetary donations of any kind.  Members of its Board of Directors personally donate the funds needed to fulfill its purposes.  THumP® primarily depends on word of mouth and social media and its power to connect people, in order to provide its information and spread its message and intent.  Because the information published on the Internet and spread through social media is more often than not false and misleading, THumP®’s effort will include opportunities for one to see and consider the correct and honest information about its movement.  For this purpose, THumP® has published its official website:

The Humanity Party® is the only political movement that has viable and logical solutions to the world’s problems.  We challenge anyone to investigate our proposals and show how they would not work.  Just because people will not accept them, this is not a viable challenge to our proposals.  There was a time when most people did not accept the idea that the earth was round instead of flat.  Those who proclaimed that it was round were discounted, mocked, and often persecuted, some killed.  But eventually reason won out and the majority of the people of the world now know that the earth is round.

It is our hope that eventually reason will once again win.

‘Hope’ is the intrinsic measure of our humanity, or better, that which we feel can be possible in spite of the improbabilities that seem to be part of our present experience. –2009, Anonymous Director of the Humanity Party®

 THumP® has the solutions.  No one else does.®

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