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The Humanity Party® Movement

The Humanity Party™ is launching its movement worldwide.    The Humanity Party® is a PEOPLE’S party, for all human beings.  It is the only political movement on Earth that is making an attempt to unite the people of the world under one movement, under one government, yes, under a NEW WORLD ORDER of law and peace, where everyone’s voice and free will is considered, of the small and great, of the rich and poor, of the free and bond.

It is THumP®’s intention to offer viable and intelligent solutions to help dissolve the imaginary lines (borders) of the nations of this world and unite all people, regardless of race, creed, color, current political affiliations, or economic class.  Only a unification of the people will stop war, inequality, and poverty.

We cannot depend upon our current political leaders to accomplish this incredible feat.  We must depend upon the people of the world.  We must speak to their humanity.  

The people of the world have never had a platform that unites them together under one cause.  The Humanity Party® is this platform.  We will be releasing the relevant worldwide political platform and proposed World Constitution from THumP®’s official website soon.

 We must unite.  It is our only hope … IF YOU BELIEVE!

THumP® has the solutions.

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