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Russia strikes IS stronghold Raqa after warning US

Russia strikes IS stronghold Raqa after warning US

Russia struck the Islamic State stronghold of Raqa in Syria Tuesday with a “significant number” of strikes that may have included long-range bombers and sea-launched cruise missiles, a US defense official said. There was no immediate confirmation from Moscow, but Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier vowed vengeance as Moscow confirmed a bomb brought down a Russian passenger jet over Egypt last month, killing all 224 people aboard. “We are aware that over the past several hours Russia conducted a significant number of strikes in Raqa, some of which may have included sea-launched cruise missiles and long-range bombers,” said the official, who made the remarks on condition of anonymity.


THumP™ proposes that the military branches of the world unite and surround the Islamic State, giving the civilian population a chance to escape to the established perimeter.  Drop leaflets throughout the enclosed cities warning people of being killed during the door to door fighting that it will take to get rid of the Islamic State militants.

Also, and very important to this strategy, by establishing a strong perimeter, ISIS will be completely cut off from its supplies and sources of income.  

Give the people 90 days to escape and find their way to the secured perimeter.  After 90 days, overwhelm the occupying forces with 100:1 “boots on the ground.”

Then, if there exists any reasonable world leaders, they would do everything within their power to address the reason for which ISIS came into existence in the first place: 1) Foreign occupation; 2) Poverty. 

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