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Pope: The faces of poverty and of empty or destroyed homes


The Catholic Pope, although admirable in his intent, is part of the problem that has created and exacerbates poverty.  Any religion based and supported on the Bible, creates class division, prejudice, and justifies poverty and inequality.

Again, unless the myths of religion are confronted and disclosed, especially those concerning the Bible (the main source of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim belief), poverty and terrorism will continue.

The spokesperson of The Humanity Party® calls upon the Pope to be honest about his religion, about his relationship with God, and about what really goes on behind the closed borders of the Vatican.  The Pope’s words are vacuous religious rhetoric that has been relied upon by the world’s major religious leaders for centuries to pacify and quiet the suffering masses.  Nothing has changed because of religion.  Things have gotten worse.  Poverty and terrorism exist more now than at any other time in Earth’s history.

The main culprit is religion and politics.  (Read THumP®’s post on the ONLY way to end terrorism here.

THumP® has the solutions.  No one else does.®


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