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Our forefathers did NOT say we had a right to bear arms. They said that ONLY a “well-regulated...

Our forefathers did NOT say we had a right to bear arms.  They said that ONLY a “well-regulated militia” had the right to bear arms.

We need to sue the several States and include as a Defendant every gun owning citizen of the United States.  Our Petition would claim that our personal security and right to peace is being violated by the unconstitutional acts of people who bear arms unregulated outside of a militia (which is military and law enforcement), according to the 2nd Amendment.

If we can get the case in front of the Supreme Court, the judges could then make the decision on the constitutionality of the right for an unregulated citizen to bear arms.  It’s not a constitutional right!

Or we can demand a national referendum that gives the people the right to choose (vote) whether or not an unregulated citizen can legally bear arms.

We strongly believe, that in such referendum, or if the Supreme Court was forced to rule on grounds of constitutionality, we would make some serious steps towards safety and peace.

The Humanity Party®

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