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Obama enlists Macklemore for opioid-abuse discussion

Obama enlists Macklemore for opioid-abuse discussion

In 2006, then U.S. Senator, Barack Obama, published the book, The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream.

The word “audacity” has two meanings:

  1. the willingness to take bold risks.“her audacity came in handy during our most recent emergency”; synonyms: boldness, daring, fearlessness, intrepidity, bravery, courage, heroism, pluck, grit

  2. rude or disrespectful behavior; impudence;“she had the audacity to pick up the receiver and ask me to hang up.”

Over the term of his U.S. Presidency, Obama has used both definitions.  But nothing he has done has given ANY hope, NOT ONE BIT, to the majority of people to help them “reclaim the American Dream.”

Obama is a politician, through and through.  Politicians are not bad people.  They are just people. Many sincerely want to make a change in the world and is the reason why they enter politics.  But once they engage in real politics, once they are behind-the-scenes and see politics for what they really are, their own good intentions become futile.  Soon, in spite of their integrity, popularity and power is all that matters and is the standard by which they are judged by their peers and constituents.

HOPE is what people have lost.  Without HOPE, people cannot have FAITH in their government, or in themselves.  Without hope and faith, what is a person’s life worth?

To counter the emotional effects of the lack of HOPE and FAITH, people turn to drugs.

During the Obama Administration, opioid drug abuse has skyrocketed.


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