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L.A. to declare 'state of emergency' on homelessness, commit $100 million

L.A. to declare 'state of emergency' on homelessness, commit $100 million

The Humanity Party® (THumP®) has the solutions.

It MUST be an inalienable, constitutional right, for each human to be provided with the basic necessities of life.

Who, in their right mind … with any type of humanity … would disagree with this?


To the ignorant ones who claim, “Nothing in life is for free. Everyone is expected to work and take care of themselves.”

In other words, the ignorant are stating, “We want to have children and bring them into this world so that they will be forced to work for someone else and become a slave to the normal, accepted way of life.”

Now, what kind of humane parent would do this to their child?

No changes will ever be made unless the majority can accept that the basic necessities of life MUST be an unconditional human right, guaranteed to each person under a correctly written Constitution.

The world’s economic infrastructure can do this. It is already doing this, because a large, ever-increasing majority of humans seem to eat, barely, and survive, barely, without having a job that provides them with the money to purchase basic human survival.

What is inherently wrong with the thinking of people who do not support, in every way, the guarantee that every child born upon Earth will be properly provided for until that child’s mortal experience ends? Would we let a child die? Yet, when that child has a few years of experience on Earth, we WOULD LET THAT SAME CHILD DIE!

Here’s a preview of THumP®’s Constitutional proposals:

Article IV – Inalienable Human Rights

Section 1 – Powers to Enforce this Article

a. Enforcement. The provisions of this Article shall be applied and enforced by Executive Orders and under the direction of the President of the Republic.

b. Congressional Limitations. Congress shall have no power, in any way, to amend or restrain this Article. The President shall enact and appoint the Commissions, their Commissioners, and their proceedings to fulfill and comply with the provisions of this Article.

c. Presidential Duties. The President shall: 1) demand from Congress the means to fulfill the provisions of this Article; 2) provide a yearly budget to Congress specifically addressing the monetary means needed to fulfill this Article; 3) provide the protection of law enforcement and the Military to enforce this Article.

d. Funding. The validity of the public debt of the Republic incurred in providing the provisions of this Article shall not be questioned. No person shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in the execution of the provisions of this Article. All such debts, obligations, and claims shall be held illegal and void to the people. Congress shall retain the power to produce and incorporate any Legal means of tender required to fulfill the provisions this article.

Section 2 – Right to the Basic (Physical and Emotional) Necessities of Life

a. Basic Necessities. Each person, from the moment of that person’s birth to the moment of that person’s death, shall be provided with the following basic necessities of life free from charge or debt: 1) Nutritious Food; 2) Comprehensive Healthcare, including mental care; 3) Safe and secure Housing and Utilities; 4) Basic Clothing; 5) Public Education from an elementary level up to and including four years at any accredited University.

b. Past Debt for Basic Necessities. Upon adoption of this Constitution, all obligations and debts, of any kind, acquired by the people in obtaining their rights outlined in this Article shall be unconditionally forgiven; Congress shall issue fair compensatory repayment to the persons or entities that can prove a legal claim against any such person so indebted.

Section 3 – Right to Citizenship and Immigration

a. Legal Citizenship. Each person shall be considered a legal citizen of the Republic and enjoy the equal rights and protections granted by this Constitution upon proof of that person’s birth that occurred, at any time, within the Internationally accepted borders of the Republic or any of its holdings as acquired in compliance with Article I, Section 9(i.); or upon proof of gainful employment, of any legal kind in any of the borders of the Republic, for a period of at least twelve consecutive months.

b. Immigrant Rights and Responsibilities. No person, regardless of age, race, country of origin, gender, economic status, religion, or sexual orientation, shall be prohibited from entering the borders of the Republic in search of gainful employment and with the desire to secure the rights allowed and protected under this Constitution. Until legal citizenship is granted, all such persons entering the Republic shall be required to carry a Republic-issued Visa, which shall include genetic identification registration as established by Congress. Such persons shall carry the Visa on his or her person at all times while traveling throughout the Republic.

c. Provisions of Citizenship. A person who is not a legal citizen and who enters this Republic according to subsection (b.) of this Section, shall be allowed the opportunity to find employment and meet the provisions of this section within a one-year time limit. All persons granted a temporary Visa shall be guaranteed all of the Constitutional rights afforded to any legal citizen for a one-year period. If, at the end of one year, that person does not find legal and gainful employment, that person shall be provided a safe, secure and free passage back to the country of that person’s origin. A person who fails to secure employment within one year, and who returns to the country of that person’s origin, shall not be allowed to reapply for a temporary Visa for a period of five consecutive years, unless upon returning to that person’s country, that person’s life is endangered or threatened in any way, by any means.

THumP® has the solutions.

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