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HBO’s John Oliver Exposes the Absurd and Awful Ways Congress Members Raise Money

HBO’s John Oliver Exposes the Absurd and Awful Ways Congress Members Raise Money

Mr. Oliver, although brilliant in many of his comedic presentations, has NO REAL SOLUTIONS to any problem he addresses.

One of the problems with our world is that we want to be ENTERTAINED instead of facing the reality of the issues that confront us.

THumP® has a perfect solution to the “Ways Congress Members Raise Money”: We constitutionally prohibit them from doing so … there is no other way.

(Excerpt from THumP®’s proposed Constitution:

Section 5 – Campaigning for Election and Balloting

  1. Running for Public Office; Financial Contributions Prohibited. Congress shall establish laws and rules that allow all persons: TO register to campaign for public office; and, TO prohibit financial contributions, of any kind, towards a Candidate’s campaign for any office.

  2. Election Registration Numbers. Candidates shall register on a designated website and shall be assigned an Election Registration Number (ERN) by which the Candidate shall campaign and be followed and recognized throughout the campaign period for election.

  3. Campaign Limitations. All campaigns shall be restricted to free social media venues of the Campaigner’s choice.

  4. Election Ballots. Ballots shall be provided to voters that allow them to write in the ERN of the person whom they have chosen for each office.  Each election booth shall provide an alphabetized reference guide of all persons running for office and their corresponding District and ERN.

This IS a VIABLE solution!

Some might argue that then the wealthy are the only one’s who will have the means to run for political office.  Here’s how THumP® responds to this argument:

Social media is FREE to all people equally and is more powerful than any other media source.  A serious candidate can use free social media to spread her or his information and campaign for office.

THumP® has the answers.

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