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Harvey reveals the limits of limited government

Harvey reveals the limits of limited government

This good OpEd provides some clues as to why a STRONG, PEOPLE-CONTROLLED, POWERFUL government is the ONLY solution to our world’s problems.

Contributing to charities encourages corruption and price gouging.  Charities take in money and are forced to pay whatever the going price is for the goods and services that they want to provide to the people.

If The Humanity Party® was in power, there wouldn’t be any need for charities … they wouldn’t be needed.  People wouldn’t have to worry about asking for charity and people wouldn’t feel guilty if they couldn’t contribute to charity.

To those religious people who believe in God’s power that can save the world, what do you think your Christ is going do if he actually comes like you are waiting for him to do?  HE’S GOING TO SET UP A STRONG, POWERFUL ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT!

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