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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Obama to sign executive order to ignite competition

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Obama to sign executive order to ignite competition

This is NOT the way to stimulate the economy.  Government should NOT be involved in the Free Market economy.  But neither should people suffer from the same Free Market.

President Obama is making a HUGE mistake.  He will drive business out of the United States of America to other countries.  Because of current technology and major advances in shipping and international commerce, anyone can setup a company in any other country and ship the goods and services to the United States.

Consider the deceptive phone app: Doctors on Demand.  (THumP® describes this business venture as deceptive because a person pays $40 and usually finds little advice except, go to a doctor’s office.)

DoD will provide you with a Board Certified Doctor or Psychologist (for a high fee of $40 per 15 minutes) to be diagnosed and even receive a legal prescription for medicine.  These doctors can be in any country in the world, Board Certified, and provide the service that U.S. doctors provide.  Technology allows this.

When the government threatens or regulates business ventures, the goal of the entrepreneur is profit.  Much greater profits are possible setting up companies in other countries.

PLEASE consider THumP®’s proposals for what authority and power should be given to the Executive Branch of government.  

It is pretty simple: 

The Executive Branch should exist to protect and serve the people and their free will to act and be acted upon without threat or intimidation from government intrusion.  

But, and this is VERY IMPORTANT and THumP®’s main argument,  The President should have the power to force the Legislative Branch to ensure that the basic needs of the people are provided for.  A President’s power should be limited to ONLY this!

Consider the profound implication of THumP®’s revised constitutional proposals:

If our Constitution includes the provision that all people receive the basic necessities of life, then a President will have power to enforce, with physical force if necessary, a Congress to comply with this provision.  Here is THumP®’s proposed provision:

This is SOUND and GOOD government!

THumP® has the solutions!

(Source: Yahoo!)

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