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Calais 'Jungle' migrant camp: What to know. THumP® gives the simple solution, the world deserves...

Calais 'Jungle' migrant camp: What to know ... the Humanity Party® gives the simple solution, the world rejects the solution, the world deserves the consequences of its rejection.

The solution to the problem faced by EVERY refugee camp that exists throughout the world is VERY SIMPLE:

1. Register all humans in these circumstances to receive a restricted Visa Debit Card (or whatever other brand, American Express, Mastercard, whatever is “accepted worldwide”).

2.  Restrict the card to basic housing (including temporary housing in any motel, hotel, bed and breakfast, Arbnb, or for anyone who opens their home to offer basic, clean, and secure accommodations at the price set consistent to the card’s restriction.  (Provide free credit card readers for anyone who is willing to rent their apartment or home to another, so that they can take the credit card payment.)  Set the restrictive payment amount to an average price of the local’s market rents and/or hotel/motel daily costs.

3.  Restrict the card to good, nutritious food (no junk food, no sweets of any kind).  Allow restaurants and diners, of any kind, to accept the card and charge the normal menu price up to a restricted amount.

4.  Allow the card to pay any normal and basic medical need from any hospital or doctor that provides the service; including mental health services.  Pay the medium rate at which the health services of that area are accustom to charge for services.

5.  Allow the card to pay for a certain amount of basic clothing, which will include the cost of full service laundry services to wash and maintain the clothing.

6.  Allow the card to pay for school, at any level for which the individual is qualified, including reasonable daycare costs, so that parents can have their children cared for while they set up a new life in the area of their choice.

7.  Announce and broadcast through the established media, and through handouts, in simple terms: that ANYONE, or any entity, that is caught abusing the cards by raising or inflating their prices to meet the demand, or in any other way exploiting the program, will be charged with a crime against humanity, and be required to serve a mandatory minimum of 1 year (for the first offense) in prison.  NO PROBATION.

8.  Provide local law enforcement with the funding and ability to enforce the implementation of the cards and their use, properly as humane expectations dictate. CONTROL INFLATION WITH MANDATORY AND IMMEDIATE INTERNATIONAL LAW THAT MAKE IT A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY TO RAISE PRICES ON ANY GOOD OR SERVICE MORE THAN 1.5% PER ANNUM!

What community, state, or nation would NOT want to take in refugees?  The influx of money coming into the local economy, along with the demand for workers to fill the needs of the influx, will positively affect the economy and open up many employment opportunities that otherwise would not exist.

Who’s going to pay for the card?

The same fiscal policy and world financial institutions that forgive trillions of dollars in debt each year, print millions of dollars each day, and that wouldn’t hesitate to provide financial bailouts to any entity that might cause the world financial markets to crash.


Instead of applying value to a simple natural element that no person had any hand in creating–gold–we start applying the same value to ordinary pebbles that exist in the surrounding area of the refugee camps, allowing the displaced and poor to gather them as they need them.

The point,

We invented money.  We have given power and authority to a few of us to control and manage it.  The majority of us can demand how these few control and manage it. 

IF the world does not act in the way prescribed above, poverty and desperation will continue to lead to the increased negative emotional effects that motivate people to join terrorism and crime as their only option.

The solution is easy.  The solution WILL WORK!  

THumP® has the solutions.  No one else does.®

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