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Boko Haram. The Humanity Party®'s presentation of the truth behind the rise of worldwide terrorism.

Boko Haram: Behind the Rise of Nigeria's Armed Group.  The Humanity Party®'s presentation of the truth behind the rise of worldwide terrorism.  (An Al Jazeera documentary.)

[Editor's NOTE: This video has been removed on, but a preview can be found here on Facebook and scrambled version of it can be found here on YouTube. The corresponding article is here. Dropbox link here. From the video: "Warning. This film contains graphic and distressing images of violence and killing which viewers may find disturbing. This film is not suitable for children."]

The most profound statement that this documentary makes comes near the end (45:15):

“They may crush the movement, but they won’t kill the ideology, which is based on the gap between the rich and the poor …” This incredible video clearly details the common components behind the rise of every radical terrorist group that has formed throughout the world’s history.   These components are:

  • Poverty.  The inability of a human being to pursue individual happiness, because liberty and life (which includes the basic necessities to live and become educated) are not equally guaranteed and supported by government.

  • Social injustice and inequality.  Government power resides in the hands of the few, for the benefit of the few, in support of and protection of the lifestyle of the few, regardless of what effect this power has on the masses.

  • The improper implementation of justice (due process of law), especially of the charismatic ideological leaders to whom the masses listen and receive their spiritual and social hope and guidance.

  • Non- or poorly regulated militias (government law enforcement agencies).

  • The abundance of guns and ammunition easily obtained through the black market, outside of a well-regulated militia.

  • Disrespect of the religious practices of others.

The Humanity Party® has an answer to solve each one of these components, legally, intelligently, and most important, humanely.

Poverty can be solved by issuing each human monetary credits (no cash) that cannot be traded and can only be used to purchase healthy food, basic clothing, basic and secure housing, comprehensive health and mental care, and a basic education.  Wherever money is available, the markets will come for it.  This can be accomplished within the current economic polices that support the Free Market and Capitalism.  If the governments of the world offer the corporations the monetary contracts to provide these goods and services, the rich will become richer by aiding the struggling poor, instead of widening the gap between them.

Social injustice and inequality in government representation and the implementation of justice through proper legal systems can be solved by rewriting a new Constitution that addresses these modern problems.  A proper Constitution must be written that properly controls government power for the sake of all people equally.  This Constitution must include articles that address poorly regulated law enforcement agencies and restricts the possession and availability of all weapons outside of a “well regulated militia.”

A new Constitution can also control the money systems and markets in such a way that law and order control the ability of a black market to exist.

The indiscriminate killing, without due process of law, of recent ideological leaders, such as Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Muammar Gaddafi of Libya, Osama bin Laden, Mohammed Yusuf of Boko Haram, and many others, must stop!  These leaders should have been arrested and tried in a court of law.  Only then could there be a historical, proven record of their alleged crimes.  The killing of any ideological leader, without providing evidence to his followers that he did something wrong, has always led to the rise of radical, angry groups of these followers.  The hundreds of years of disagreements between Islamic Shias and Sunnis can be traced to the indiscriminate killing of different religious leaders throughout Islam’s history.

Law and order must be restored to Earth through national cooperation, where all nations of peoples are considered equal.  Unilateral action by any country that supposes that it is greater than others should not be accepted nor tolerated.  Only a new Constitution can stop these actions that lead to further division and chaos throughout the world.  The strongest and greatest nation upon Earth is not always the best for humanity.

Please watch the attached video.  Listen carefully and pay attention to the realistic disclosure of real human experience and insight.  The video gives ample evidence that THumP®’s concerns and solutions should be the number one concern of the entire world.

The Humanity Party® has the answers.  No one else does.®


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