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All serious inquires and interviews can be scheduled with the Executive Board President, Michael S. Budge.

Before one can properly understand how THumP® makes its decisions, it’s important that one know a little bit more about THumP®’s organizational structure: who makes the decisions and who does the work.

There are basically two groups (Boards) that run The Humanity Party®: The Board of Directors and its Executive Board.

THumP®’s Board of Directors will remain anonymous and incognito for their safety and peace; mainly so that they can continue to live their lives and do what they do in gathering the information (largely through hands-on, first person, experience) that is important to THumP®’s purpose.

The Board informs, teaches, counsels, and explains world events unlike any other think tank that exists.

The Executive Board is the legally registered entity responsible for managing THumP®. The Executive Board members make all the decisions regarding how the information is presented to the public.

The Executive Board consists of the following people, each with a distinguishing feature that expresses the unique diversity of the group and their personal passions that qualify them for the job:

The Humanity Party® Executive Board

THumP® has organized an Executive Board that is diversely unique to the people it intends to represent. THumP®’s Executive Board members are:


Michael S. Budge



Monica R. Smith



Diana N. Smith

Project Manager

The Humanity Party®

Tel: (858) 848-6787

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